Deadpool 2 Review

I think that having 3 positive reviews to kick things off on my new page is enough. After all, I don’t think that good scores should be given out easily or often (especially 10’s). Inversely, I don’t think bad review scores should be given out easily or often either (especially 0’s). Most products will sit within the range of 4 – 6 as their overall score.

I don’t want people thinking that everything is going to be a 7 or higher on here. Or that a 6 or 7 is a bad score. I’m not IGN. My literal definitions of the 6 and 7 scores are “decent” and “good”, respectively. So if something you really enjoyed gets a 7 from me, don’t be angry. I actually thought it was good. Out of the 36 entertainment products I have experienced this year (so far), only 6 of those are within the range of 8 – 10 as their overall score. And 3 of those reviews are already written (Donut County, ye, Kids See Ghosts). That means there are 30 products with a score of 7 or lower. It’s all downhill from here, boys. So without further ado…

Deadpool 2 is a superhero movie based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name (without the 2) released in May 2018. It is a sequel to the 2016 film Deadpool, starring Ryan Reynolds as the titular character. I didn’t actually want to see it… like at all. But shit happens and I saw it anyways.

This is an interesting movie for me because I actually have a bit of connection to it, interestingly enough. My girlfriend was attending University on the other side of the planet (*country). So I flew over to the other side of the galaxy to see her for our 1 year anniversary using anti-matter fuel tanks attached to a vest with a jetpack on the back of it. Just kidding, I sat in an airplane. Anyways, she was in Vancouver at the time for school. And I don’t know if many people know this, but Vancouver is THE prime location in Canada for movies. It is the Canadian Bollywood. Which in turn is the Indian Hollywood. Which in turn is the American Bollywood. Back to the story though, while I was there me and my girlfriend frequently walked the streets and during one of these walks, we actually witnessed the film crew for Deadpool 2 shooting a scene. There was Van Wilder in his Wade Wilson costume in a Deadpool costume sitting on a motorcycle costume (I think it was a tricycle underneath). We weren’t sure if it was really Van Wilder or not, but my girlfriend looked it up later that night, and little kids were posting on social media about how at one point he came over and talked to them and signed some stuff. Or something. Now that I think of it, they weren’t kids because Deadpool is R rated, which means they were just very young looking mature adults.

But that’s not the crazy part. During my stay in Vancouver, another Deadpool 2 incident happened. Just blocks away from where we were staying, stuntwoman Sequana Joi Harris, who played Domino’s double in the movie, tragically died in a motorcycle stunt while filming. I remember waking up and laying in bed and checking my phone like any other day, and my girlfriend tells me that someone died on the set of the movie while performing a stunt like 5 minutes away from where we were. I was in shock. There was another tragic vehicle-related death just blocks away from us the day before (if I remember correctly), where a vehicle ran up on the sidewalk and killed a person. Luckily, it was early enough that we were still in bed and not walking around like we usually do. These two incidents made me go “holy shit” about my life a little more. You never know what will happen so enjoy it while it lasts.

Anyways, the movie sucked.

1/10 – Atrocious

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