And Justice for None by Five Finger Death Punch Review

Let’s start with a quick story. I went to an outdoor heavy metal festival in Toronto called Heavy T.O. back in 2012. I had never been to a music festival before so I was pretty excited. It was a two-day festival over the Saturday and Sunday, and Five Finger Death Punch were scheduled to play on the Sunday.

From what I remember they were one of the later bands to play that day, probably being 2 or 3 bands before the headliner (at most). So they get on stage and they start playing. Before this, I never really went out of my way to listen to Five Finger Death Punch but I am sure I heard a song or two by them before this.

Anyways, they play a few songs and then they stop and the vocalist says something about how their drummer won the award for Best Drummer at the Revolver Golden Gods award show. And I’m just like “oh?” and then the vocalist is like “yeah it’s time for a drum solo give it up for Butt McGee” or whatever the drummer’s name is. The following 3 minutes of my life were some of the most excruciating I have ever experienced.

I remember looking at my friend Caleb and just being like “is this really happening right now?” and the feeling was completely mutual. “HOW DID THIS GUY WIN BEST DRUMMER?!?!” we asked each other, beyond confused. Our then 18-or-so-year-old friend Matt could have done a better job but you don’t see him winning drummer of the year (he was legit probably my drummer of the year in 2016, his work on the Spinebuster album was incredible).

Luckily the day wasn’t completely over and the entire festival was redeemed only an hour or two later when System of a Down performed in front of what might be the largest crowd of people I have ever seen in one place.


This album is by far the worst piece of shit I have heard all year. It is a soul-breaking and life-draining listen with some of the worst performances and writing in music today. The album’s only true saving grace is that the “Blue on Black” cover isn’t completely awful (for the most part).

1/10   –   Atrocious

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