Artifact – Prelude Review

The first comic release for the digital card game Artifact, developed by Valve as part of the Dota 2 media franchise. While Dota 2’s lore has never been the main attraction of the game, it has always been a big part of it. Many character’s say unique lines of dialogue within the game if they are near certain heroes (also depending on whether or not they are an ally or enemy). Each hero also has a brief description about who they are. But the lore never feels very well-thought out or complete. It is more tacked on than anything.

Dota 2 also had comics written about it to flesh out its lore a bit more. But these attempts never went anywhere substantial. It felt like there was a lack of good reason to flesh out the details that were being focused on. It didn’t feel like a world that I really believed in or that I could imagine existing in some alternate dimension. It’s structures and rules were unclear.

However, I think Prelude is the beginning of a new realm of possibilities for Dota 2’s lore. It is well-drawn and well-written and gives insight into why the world of Dota 2 is the way it is. It offers an explanation for why Artifact and Dota 2 are played the way they are and gives a meta-physical explanation to their existences. A decent read but it focuses more on laying the groundwork than it does being enjoyable itself.

6/10 – Decent

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