Cookiewatch | Overwatch Review

A family leaves milk and cookies out for Santa but Reaper catches a whiff of some of that action and decides to go for the cookies. Tracer puts a stop to it and tells him those cookies are for Santa and then Reaper says Santa never came to his house. So sad 😦

I think that the perfect heroes were chosen for this short both in terms of personality and in terms of their abilities which get used a few times throughout. Although I kind of get the feeling that Blizzard could make it work with any combination of heroes because it’s Blizzard.

The part where Tracer is running around the tree and Reaper is shooting the ornaments into pieces is SOOO satisfying. Hearing the ornaments shatter as they fall into pieces. Also, I wonder where the “You’re being a naughty boy” line from Tracer is going to show up next… (*ahem* Rule 34 *ahem*).

The weirdest part of the entire bit is when Santa comes and picks up the cookie and says “Oooh, chocolate chip!” as if he is actually f***ing surprised that someone left chocolate chip cookies for him. Like nah, I was going to leave some Lebkuchen, specifically Aachener Printen’s.

At the end, Reaper gets a gift from Santa and what is it? A chocolate chip cookie. Reaper dangles his legs over the fire-place as he eats his cookie. I was not expecting emotions when I clicked this video. Although I should have.

Also, screw Doomfist. I hate that hero.

8/10   –   Great

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