Godzilla: King of the Monsters Monster Posters Review

The man himself. There are so many shades of blue here and it is incredibly gorgeous. I love how the title of the film is organized vertically along Godzilla’s body. There is a person standing and looking at Godzilla and they look so tiny in comparison. Great stuff.

Goddamn. Another beautiful poster. This time there are plenty of shades of yellow as well as electricity surrounding Ghidorah. Like the previous poster, I love how Ghidorah is spelled out vertically along his own body. Ghidorah looks absolutely menacing and I love the spikey parts coming out of his head. Not really familiar with the character but this is bad-ass. My only complaint is the fact that the bottom looks a bit cluttered in comparison to the Godzilla poster because they had to fit the movie title in still. Fighter jet things fly across the poster, potentially engaging or dis-engaging from battle.

Another beautiful yet terrifying poster. While Godzilla’s poster was more focused on the dark blues, this poster has some lighter blues and greens. This time it would have been hard to put the character’s name across their body considering how Mothra looks but I am glad they decided to push Mothra down and put his name in the open sky. It makes a lot of sense visually and opens up the top half of the poster a bit more. Unfortunately, that also means that the somewhat cluttered bottom becomes a bit more squished. However this is only a slight problem and the poster still looks incredible.

Again, the name of the character is sideways and vertical right along the middle. It’s placement seems a bit more awkward than the previous 3 but since it is consistently in the same place over all 4 it makes the most sense. This time we have shades of red and another terrifying monster. Some sort of flying vehicles are clearly trying to make an escape from the gigantic flying creature. Another visually stunning poster.


The Godzilla: King of the Monsters character posters are probably my favourite film poster’s of the year. I love how each of the poster’s fully dedicate themselves to a colour and use it’s shades to present something both interesting and terrifying. Great consistent designs over all 4 posters and a great way to give each monster the spotlight.

8/10 – Great

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