We Appreciate Power by Grimes (Lyric Video) Review

Much more than a simple lyric video. The video makes use of many filmed sequences with both Grimes and Hana in various costumes and using several different props. There are rotating planets moving through swirls of colour in space on either side of the screen. In the middle is a video boxed in by pink lines as lyrics (mostly) appear above and below these lines. Both the song and the video have a grimy industrial vibe to them integrating seamlessly with the more poppy aspects of the song and video. I get a heavy nu-metal vibe from the song as if Grimes is bringing that approach to the modern day but making it much more tasteful. Unlike most nu-metal, Grimes layers a lot of different sounds and rhythms and creates something that is deep and rewarding.

The industrial/nu-metal vibes compliment the brilliant vocal performance and eerie lyrics. Grimes sings about the Roko’s basilisk thought experiment which proposes that when an advanced artificial intelligence is designed to do the maximum amount of good, it will end up torturing those who do no aid in its creation as aiding in its creation would bring it into existence sooner and therefore would ensure the maximum amount of good. Grimes is singing that she we help with the building of this artificial intelligence in hopes that it will reward her one day (she basically suggests that we “pledge allegiance to the world’s most powerful computer” as well).

During the bridge Grimes and Hana sing about the idea of brain uploading, wherein the mind is saved as data on a drive and can exist independently from our physical bodies (potentially in a virtual reality, as Grimes brings up the idea of simulations throughout the song). In the outro, Grimes takes these ideas a bit further by singing that neanderthal’s became human beings, and now human beings will become digital simulations. Biological functions are superficial and unnecessary when we could simply upload ourselves into a simulation. Closing out the song Grimes repeats the word “Submit” as she urges us to submit to our AI over-lords.

As for the video, it is visually gorgeous and incredibly creative. I love the images that Grimes created and I love how a lot of the time it is Grimes and Hana striking poses and holding them as the camera slowly moves around them. The lyrics appear in a few different colours over the course of the video but they are primarily in pink. And most of the time they are also appearing in a few different languages. If this is a lyric video, I couldn’t imagine what the actual music video would look like.


We Appreciate Power is one of the best songs of the year and the video serves it extremely well. I can’t wait to see new music videos and hear the new album from Grimes.

8/10 – Great

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