Impractical Jokers (Season 7) Review

One of my friends introduced me to Impractical Jokers around the time that it first started to come out. I remember watching a few dozen episodes over the course of the next few years but it wasn’t a show that I necessarily went out of my way to watch. Within the last couple of years, I have noticed that there are a few channels in my area that essentially marathon Impractical Jokers episodes almost every day of the week.

Whenever I am sitting in front of a TV and looking for a show to watch, I can almost always find Impractical Jokers. This has led to a bit of a resurgence in me watching the show more regularly. The problem with this is that I often see the same episode being aired multiple times. I have seen almost every episode at least at this point and so I decided to watch all of the new episodes online. The show just finished its 7th season and I have seen every episode from it so now I can finally review it!

If you aren’t aware of Impractical Jokers, it is a hidden-camera practical joke reality series that follows the comedy troupe known as The Tenderloins compromised of Joe Gatto, James Murray (a.k.a. Murr), Brian Quinn (a.k.a. Q), and Sal Vulcano. This show is a bit different than other hidden-camera practical joke shows in that it isn’t the unknowing people that are supposed to be the butt of the joke, it’s the main cast members themselves.

The Tenderloins each have ear pieces in which they use to communicate with one another. Usually they will take turns sending each person into a situation where the person must do and say what the other 3 guys tell them. If they don’t do or say what they are told, they lose the challenge. At the end of the episode, whoever has the most losses gets a punishment as decided by the other 3 (there are some cases where there are multiple losers). It is meant to be embarrassing for The Tenderloins.

The series is really entertaining and the synergy between the 4 guys is really great and makes for some hilarious moments. I don’t want to describe what moments are funny because I think you need to watch some clips to get a real sense of it so I will share each of the guy’s doing the same challenge (and hope they don’t get taken down from YouTube):

Let me know if any of these aren’t working since they aren’t posted by the official channel.

It’s a great show to just relax and laugh to. The season is 26 episodes long and so there is a ton to dig your teeth into. There is no connection between any of the episodes except a few references here and there so you can watch it in any order. Some of the punishments this season were some of the worst I have ever seen (the punishments were the worst, not the punishment ideas).

Here is my favourite punishment of the season:

Murr perfectly plays a major asshole. I love his outfit which only adds to his asshole-ness. I also love how surprised Murr is when Guy Fieri shows up on Skype.


As a long-time fan of Impractical Jokers, I think that the show just keeps getting better and better. The guys are only getting funnier with age and the show’s budget has been noticeably increased over the years. The show has been gradually improved and streamlined to make each and every episode consistently good and fun to watch. I can’t wait to see more new episodes from these guys.

8/10 – Great

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