“Reunion” – Overwatch Animated Short Review

*Major spoilers*

This short was used to fill in more details about the past of Jesse McCree (that’s my name) as well as to introduce a new character named Ashe and her omnic butler side-kick B.O.B. (which stands for Big Omnic Butler, or even BOB Omnic Butler according to the Overwatch gamepedia). It’s very Wild West-style but in the Overwatch Universe.

McCree tips off the Deadlock Gang (which he used to be a part of) about the transit of a valuable crate near Route 66. He waits in a nearby diner for them to secure the package and steps out to meet his old gang members, including Ashe. McCree demands the crate and says they can keep everything else. Ashe gets BOB to open the crate to see what is inside and the look on her face tells us it is quite valuable although Ashe doesn’t quite understand what it is. This results in a stand-off between Ashe and McCree. Blizzard use the motion of a clock-hand as a cue for the shooting to begin.

More intelligently put-together action sequences with clever use of the environment. These action sequences convey a lot about the characters through what they choose to do and also what they choose not to do. I can always appreciate when character traits and personality are infused into the action. McCree defeats the Deadlock Gang and ties Ashe up and sends them off on a transport. McCree opens the crate and inserts a chip of some sort into it. It turns out that the crate is home to a robot named Echo. McCree tells Echo to say hi to Winston for him before riding off on his sick ride.

Blizzard, I love you. I could watch your animations all day long.

8/10 – Great

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