“Shooting Star” – Overwatch Animated Short Review

*Major spoilers*

One of my main’s gets her own animated short. Blizzard Entertainment yet again proves they are the best in the game business at crafting cinematics. As someone that is fairly knowledgeable and appreciative of the craft of film-making (for someone who doesn’t actually have experience in film-making), I can safely say that Blizzard Entertainment has the best cinematic sense in the business. They mix close-ups, medium shots, and wide shots effectively, as well as perfectly adding in cutaways at the right moments. Blizzard Entertainment is fantastic at consistently informing the viewer of important information, especially when it comes to communicating character traits and details of world-building. They pack a lot of easily digestible information in short amounts of time.

This short is fantastic. Hana Song (a.k.a. D. Va) defends Busan, South Korea from an omnic attack while her friend Dae-hyun assists her (eventually). Blizzard does a great job of building up the tension in this short despite the audience basically knowing how it will end. It’s nice to hear D. Va saying full sentences for once since almost every line in game for her is short and acts more like a collection of sound bites than anything else. A great addition to Overwatch’s lore.

8/10 – Great

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