Aquaman Review

Probably the worst live-action DC film since The Dark Knight Rises (and just as much of a mess). Like Wonder Woman and Justice League, Aquaman tries to be a Marvel movie but it completely fails. It is an extremely ugly movie with terrible jokes and bad CGI (it is even worse than the MCU’s worst efforts in these departments). It is poorly paced and edited as there are dozens of moments that feel like they were jumped to way too soon. Maybe (like Batman v. Superman) there exists a version that is 30 minutes longer that fills all of the biggest plot holes and explains away most of the inconsistencies, as well as fixing the many pacing issues and bizarre jumps forward. But unlike Batman v. Superman, the theatrical version of Aquaman has no merits whatsoever. A godawful mess and a horrendous watch even for a superhero movie.

1/10   –   Atrocious

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