Bottom 5 Art and Entertainment Releases of 2018

The year of 2018 is over and it is finally time to kick off my end of the year lists.

This list represents all that was bad in 2018. Whether it was a lazy cash-in or a poorly handled product, I believe that the following 5 releases deserve to be denounced.

These are the 3 questions I asked myself when I made my picks:

  • What review score did it receive?

I have a review scale for a reason. If one release gets a 2/10 and another release gets a 1/10, I likely preferred the release that got a 2/10.

  • What type of art/entertainment release was it?

If a movie trailer got a 1/10 and a musical album got a 1/10, the album will have a much greater chance of being chosen since it is more artistically significant. I’m sure you could guess what I would pick between a movie poster and a 15 hour long video game.

  • How substantial was the release?

Continuing on from the previous answer, this also affected how I viewed the release’s artistic significance. However, it is slightly deeper and more complex than merely answering what TYPE of release it was. Answering this question meant I had to take into account how MUCH the release had to offer (which is unrelated to the AMOUNT of content). For example, a 30 minute musical album packed full of interesting ideas has more artistic significance than a 60 minute musical album which is vacant of interesting ideas.

So without further ado, let’s kick this list off…


Mostly 4 Millenials (Season 1)

What I Said About It:

“From Derrick Beckles and Eric Andre comes a new surreal comedy show. The comedy is similar to Tim & Eric and to Eric Andre (duh) but instead of being funny, it isn’t. Derrick Beckles is nowhere near as funny as Eric Andre in his interviews.

The entire show is essentially the “Jim and Derrick” characters from Tim & Eric but instead of being a single sketch among many others, it is stretched out over an entire season. It is nothing but an unfunny Jim and Derrick. Just really bad stuff. Also, Fred Durst is in it for some reason. They probably thought it would be funny to have him in it but it’s not.

Compared to Tim & Eric and The Eric Andre Show, the editing is also complete crap. I have no doubt in my mind that DJ Douggpound has NOTHING to do with the editing on this show. It is a shameful rip-off of his style and the real editor’s clearly lack the understanding of why Doug cuts the way he does.

Avoid this show. Even if it seems up your alley, avoid it. Go watch Tim & Eric or Eric Andre instead.”

Link to the review:


And Justice for None

by Five Finger Death Punch

What I Said About It:

“This album is by far the worst piece of shit I have heard all year. It is a soul-breaking and life-draining listen with some of the worst performances and writing in music today. The album’s only true saving grace is that the “Blue on Black” cover isn’t completely awful (for the most part).”

Link to the review:


Aggretsuko (Season 1 Episode 1)

What I Said About It (Episode 1 Only):

“Aggretsuko is an awful Japanese anime musical comedy show with an uninteresting premise, annoying characters, and absolutely nothing new to say about its topics and themes. This show is more soul-sucking than the corporate life that it depicts.”

Link to the review:



What I Said About It:

“Probably the worst live-action DC film since The Dark Knight Rises (and just as much of a mess). Like Wonder Woman and Justice League, Aquaman tries to be a Marvel movie but it completely fails. It is an extremely ugly movie with terrible jokes and bad CGI (it is even worse than the MCU’s worst efforts in these departments). It is poorly paced and edited as there are dozens of moments that feel like they were jumped to way too soon. Maybe (like Batman v. Superman) there exists a version that is 30 minutes longer that fills all of the biggest plot holes and explains away most of the inconsistencies, as well as fixing the many pacing issues and bizarre jumps forward. But unlike Batman v. Superman, the theatrical version of Aquaman has no merits whatsoever. A godawful mess and a horrendous watch even for a superhero movie.”

Link to the review:


Deadpool 2

What I Said About It:

Just read my review.

Link to the review:

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