OG watches “True Sight : The International 2018 Finals” Review

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The International 2018 champions watch Valve’s True Sight documentary, which gives viewers a look behind the scenes of Dota 2’s most massive tournament and (arguably) the greatest grand finals in The International (and Dota 2) history.

The OG boys sit in a mostly empty theater watching their own Cinderella story unfold (although Ana’s absence is noted as he is currently taking a break from Dota 2, although I am still surprised he didn’t make an appearance here).

While the True Sight: The International 2018 Finals gave us an inside look into the competing teams during the grand finals, this gives us an inside look into what one of the competing teams thinks of the inside look of the competing teams.

It’s actually great to see OG re-living their memories through the documentary. It gives the audience a general sense of how these grand accomplishments affect a person even several months after it has happened. One of my complaints with the actual documentary was that there was not enough of a focus on the specific plays that changed games. But with this, we actually get OG commentating and reacting to what is happening on screen and talking about how they felt while it was happening.

Their reactions to game 2 and game 3 were interesting to see, as they remembered the games not going well at all. They jokingly keep saying that they don’t even want to watch these games again as they recall how the laning stages were rough and how they basically got crushed in the end.

The game 4 and game 5 reactions are INCREDIBLE. I love how emotional these guys get re-watching these games. I love when N0tail reflects on how difficult it must have been for PSG.LGD to lose after securing a 2-1 series lead and gaining pretty huge leads in both game 4 and game 5.

Another great look into the Dota 2 professional scene. I am SO excited for The International 2019. And it is on my bucket list to physically attend The International one of these years because I think the experience would be life-changing. Thanks to Valve for making these great videos.

8/10 – Great

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