The Twilight Zone (2019) Episode 1 – The Comedian Review

While the original Twilight Zone was a product of its time, I feel like it certainly holds up today. Sure, it is predictable by today’s standards (however, some of the twists are still absolutely mind-boggling). But it is eerie and clever. It is also smarter than almost any show that came before or after it. It’s brilliance didn’t just come from random plot twists; Twilight Zone’s twists were insightful and reflective, brimming with ideas about life, the universe, and humanity.

In comparison, this episode is garbage. The dialogue is beyond terrible, the characters are annoying, and despite a humongous attempt at being eerie, lacks the eeriness of the original Twilight Zone. The entire episode is forcibly shot in an “eerie” way as “eerie” music often pushes itself to the forefront. But it is a complete and utter failure. An exercise in futility and stupidity. Gone are the eerie and clever writing of the original series. Gone are the insightful reflections on life, the universe, and humanity. This is a hollow shell, its purpose nowhere to be found.

Also, that ‘The Shining’-like ending was beyond stupid.

1/10 – Atrocious

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