Hellboy (2019) Review

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At the time of writing, it has been less than 8 hours since I was sitting in the theater and the end credits were rolling. And yet, I would find it difficult to recite what exactly even happened in this movie (I also fell asleep for like 20 minutes because of how goddamn boring it is). Furthermore, I am struggling to remember any coherent piece of dialogue or character building outside of anything from the trailers. If you have seen the trailers, you have literally seen every single good part of this movie. And the trailer scenes aren’t even that good.

Reminds me a lot of last year’s Deadpool 2 (which was my #1 pick for worst art/entertainment release of 2018) in that every component of the film is poor and forgettable, with both movies having their fair share of awful jokes. This is potentially the worst movie of 2019.

1/10 – Atrocious

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