Analysis: Why Button Mashing Doesn’t Work by Core-A Gaming Review

I’ve been watching a few documentary-style YouTube videos lately: the one on the Watchmen movie (10 years later), the one on sub-1-hour Super Mario Odyssey speed-running times, and now one on button mashing in fighting games (or rather, how NOT to button mash).

By splitting the video into logical sections and providing in-game examples of each concept, Core-A Gaming manages to explain fighting games to me in a way that no one else ever has. Neutrals, whiff punishes, footsies, melees, attack speed, frame advantage, frame traps, zoning, knockdowns, application… I had a basic conceptual understanding of all of these things. But now I understand them more than I ever did before.

This 16-minute YouTube video was so well put together and researched that I not only enjoyed watching it and learned more about my greatest passion (video games), but it also made me want to DO something with that.

It made me want to play a fighting game and get really good at it. And that is an amazing thing.

8/10 – Great

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