Death Stranding Character Posters Review

Along with a new trailer released today, Death Stranding also received some new character posters to further the hype. And they are absolutely gorgeous. Above is Norman Reedus as the main character Sam Porter Bridges. Not only are the graphics phenomenal on a technical level but there is also so much style. From the text fonts, to the way the text is cleanly organized on the poster, to the gritty use of dark colours… everything sets a tone.

Margaret Qualley as Mama. Again, beautifully rendered, fantastic use of colour… it even builds a little character. Without even seeing the character in motion, I can kind of get a sense of how she talks and moves.

Troy Baker as Higgs. I love when Kojima does cool-as-hell characters like this. The contrast between the red BB pod and the gold and black costume creates an ominous feeling. I also love the non-superhero masked character type so this is just really cool.

Nicolas Winding Refn as Heartman. You know, the guy that made Bronson, Drive, Only God Forgives, and The Neon Demon. I never expected him to be the type that would do voice acting and motion capture for a video game. But it’s pretty damn cool that he is in this. Also, notice the style of the poster. Very reminiscent of the neon look of his last few movies. Probably a subtle reference since Kojima is a huge cinema buff.

Tommie Earl Jenkins as Die-Hardman. For some reason my initial thought was that this is the guy that voiced Darth Vader. But that is James Earl Jones. Another cool-as-hell masked dude. I love how deep the lore seems to go for this release.

None other than Guillermo del Toro. I am glad Kojima and del Toro got to work with each other again after what happened with P.T. and the cancelled Silent Hills game.


These character posters are fantastic. I haven’t been this in love with teaser posters since the Godzilla posters from last year (I still think about those ones every once and awhile. I just hope the movie lives up to its posters and trailers). I hope Death Stranding turns out as amazing as its posters and trailers too.

8/10 – Great

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