Dark Phoenix Poster Review

I have always loved the combination of red and blue. Spider-Man, the American flag, halo team colours, the Pepsi logo… they are colours that fit perfectly together. Combined with the beautiful art-style on display here, this poster is a beautiful one. It kind of looks like Jean is being split off into the red side while everyone else is kind of getting pushed into the blue (perhaps pushing the theme of separation?).

A simple tagline “THE PHOENIX WILL RISE” appears at the top while the movie title and details are delegated to the bottom of the poster. This creates space for the actual poster content to take visual priority. Glancing at the poster draws the eye towards Sophie Turner first then downwards towards the rest of the characters. It is also clearly a superhero movie.

To me, this is fantastic poster design. Looks beautiful, clean and communicates information.

7/10 – Good

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