Onward Official Teaser Trailer Review

I’m pretty divided on Pixar. A lot of people say they are the King of Animation but I think that belongs to Ghibli.

The ‘Toy Story’ series, ‘A Bug’s Life’, ‘Monster, Inc.’, ‘The Good Dinosaur’, ‘Coco’… all movies that I really enjoyed. But ‘Up’, ‘Inside Out’ and ‘Cars’? Nah, hard pass.

‘Onward’ comes from the guy that wrote and directed ‘Monsters University’ which was a decent film but only stood in the shadow of the original. However, I really like how this movie is looking. The world is interesting, the characters are likable and the premise seems promising. Also, Chris Pratt and Tom Holland are great. I think they will have great chemistry in this movie.

7/10 – Good

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