The Best ASMR for Your Zodiac Sign/(More) Best ASMR for Your Zodiac Sign by Gibi ASMR Review

I have been contemplating writing an ASMR review for awhile but I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to or not. There were a few reasons for my uncertainty:

  • Firstly, I feel like there are only a couple of other people that know that I listen to ASMR and know that I actively enjoy it (I usually don’t watch the videos, I just listen to the audio). Despite its (relatively) recent surge in popularity, I feel like the audience for it is still quite niche.
  • Secondly, I wasn’t sure if ASMR was the TYPE of thing that I wanted to be reviewing. Could it be considered art/entertainment in the same way that everything else I have reviewed can be considered art/entertainment? I have decided that YES, ASMR is absolutely art/entertainment in the same way. It reminds me a lot of music: the manipulation and organization of sounds in which the purpose is to trigger a response in the listener. It’s kind of like lowercase experimental music but less “musical”.
  • Thirdly, I listen to quite a bit of ASMR and sometimes fall asleep to it. It’s kind of hard to review something you haven’t experienced all the way through. At least that is the case with something like movies and music which are designed to be experienced all the way through. Which begs the question… which ASMR videos should I review? I’ve decided that I will review whichever videos I have listened to all the way through and ones that I feel like deserve a review.

So, this will be my first short review of an ASMR video. Technically, the review is for the audio only since I did not watch the video.

There are many ASMRtists (I love this title for people that do ASMR, it is very clever) that I have listened to: ASMR Darling, Gentle Whispering ASMR, WhispersRed ASMR, ASMR KittyKlaw, Valeriya ASMR, ASMR Glow, SophieMichelle ASMR, Jojo’s ASMR, FrivolousFox ASMR, Tingting ASMR, and many more, including various parodies, celebrity ASMR videos, and other videos deep down the rabbit hole (I’m trying to shout-out as many ASMRtists as I can because I am finally talking about how I listen to ASMR and I don’t know when I will do it next, if ever).

Of all the ASMRtists though , none have held my interest and fascinated me as much as Gibi ASMR. Gibi has high production values, consistency and a work ethic that sets her apart from most other ASMRtists. Never overwhelming, always welcoming, and enjoyable to listen to, Gibi knows how to draw her viewers/listeners in.

These particular videos make use of many different triggers and sounds which Gibi uses to build and maintain an atmosphere. Earlier, I mentioned that ASMR reminds me of lowercase experimental music. If ASMR can be considered a sub-genre of lowercase experimental, then Gibi is the one who has mastered the art the most. Gibi has timing, precision, and ASMR-sense. She seems like she always knows how much or how little she should be doing and always finds that perfect balance between the two.

Thank you Gibi and congrats on 2 million YouTube subscribers!!!

(Also, I am classifying this under YouTube Videos because that is technically what it is, even though the review is specifically for the audio portion. I contemplated classifying it as music but I don’t think that is QUITE right despite its similarity to lowercase experimental)

8/10 – Great

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