Ritual Of The Moon diary by Alice Bell Review

‘Ritual of the Moon’ is a video game that requires the player to play 5-minutes a day for 28 days (but really, you can miss days). Alice Bell is the deputy editor over at PC gaming news website ‘Rock Paper Shotgun’ and she kept a diary of every day that she played ‘Ritual of the Moon’. This review is for the diary and NOT the game.

The ‘Ritual Of The Moon diary’ series was an interesting one for me since it dealt with a lot of feminine topics that I simply can’t relate to (such as periods). Despite this, I was still interested and entertained with almost every entry. Alice uses her experiences from in the game to draw connections to her own life. Marty Burnham The Moon Witch and Alice are both looking for meaning in their experiences (or rather, Alice is looking for meaning in Marty’s experiences since Marty is merely a sort of vessel for Alice’s actions). Either way, the journey was a personal one.

Whenever I could, I tried relating myself to the situation (whether Alice was describing an in-game situation or an in-real-life situation). What would I do if I were in Marty Burnham The Moon Witch’s position? Would I feel the oppressive weight of responsibility to protect the world from utter destruction? And what would I do if I were in Alice’s position? What choice do I make for Marty?

Some days, Alice didn’t feel like writing the diary. She is tired but she needs to do it. Just like Marty kind of needs to save the world. And how I kind of need to stay up-to-date with my reviews (although mine is more of a hobby than a profession, so I can sort of get away with stuff (but still feel guilty when things start piling up)). At the same time, when I push myself to do it and it finally gets done, I feel a sense of relief and accomplishment.

I feel like this review has become my own diary. A ‘Ritual Of The Moon diary’ diary, if you will. Except I don’t get periods so I don’t talk about them (but I still bring them up, apparently). Maybe I should have talked about my penis. A reflection on the times that I had a boner recently. Because if the ‘Ritual Of The Moon diary’ taught me anything at all, it is that it is definitely okay to talk about your body.

Thank you Alice for the great content and the fun journey!

7/10 – Good

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