Toy Story 4 – IMAX Poster Review

Every once and awhile, I see a poster that grips my attention so suddenly that I can’t but fall in love with it. This is one of those posters.

The creamy white background serves as the perfect back-drop for the beautifully coloured image at the fore-front. Even the blue-ish/purple IMAX text and the purple “June 21” text blend in perfectly, contributing to the colourful and “full” atmosphere of the rest of the poster.

The major characters take up more of the poster’s “real estate” as the minor characters are delegated to a smaller section near the bottom (which is split by a dividing white line as well as some fireworks that are exploding outside of the lines). This makes the image less cluttered looking while still retaining the density of the content.

It’s crazy that huge movie/game releases get so many trailer’s and poster’s and related media that isn’t the movie/game itself. All in an effort to get people to care about the movie/game. I already cared about ‘Toy Story 4’ immensely but this poster makes me excited all over again.

7/10 – Good

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