Gemini Man – Official Trailer Review

There is a pandemic in the entertainment industry in which trailers show off WAAAAY too much of the thing they are supposed to advertise.

Let’s imagine something for a minute. Imagine if this trailer never showed you the younger version of Will Smith. Imagine being told that Will Smith’s character is a government assassin that is being targeted by another assassin but being totally unaware of who this other assassin was. Imagine a trailer that still managed to get you interested but never gave its major plot details away.

Now imagine it is several months later. You go online and see that ‘Gemini Man’ is playing at your local theater. And you think “Oh cool, that looked decent” and you buy tickets because you have nothing else to do. You are watching the movie then BAM! The audience’s brains are smashed into oblivion and back after they learn that the assassin after Will Smith’s character… is a young Will Smith.

It makes me think of ‘Metal Gear Solid 2’ when Kojima convinced the world that it was just a ‘Metal Gear Solid’ sequel where you would be playing Snake himself. And that’s how it starts. But then an hour or two later… BAM! You are Raiden. For the rest of the game.

I feel like this movie could have benefited from the same thing. Lead people into believing that it is something that it isn’t. And then when they least expect it… BAM!


That’s pretty fun to say.


2/10 – Terrible

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