ASMR | Intense & Relaxing Mouth Sounds | Close Up Ear Attention by Gibi ASMR Review

Instrument, tool, device, gizmo. A multitude of labels that could be applied to a multitude of ASMR related things. Brushes, candles, head massages, tapping on the mic, tapping on wood, tapping on glass, drawing, slime, string, lotion. There are many ways to produce ASMR. As Gibi says just before the 11-minute mark in this video, “We all know that your voice is an instrument”. And she is certainly correct. The voice IS an instrument but not necessarily a musical instrument. At least not always.

In my previous Gibi review (the one for the Zodiac sign videos), I discussed the similarities between lowercase experimental music and ASMR YouTube videos. The more time I invest into ASMR videos, the more inclined I feel to take everything I love about ASMR (mostly Gibi) and translate it into something a bit more musical. Using the quietest of sounds (although ASMR doesn’t need to be quiet, I have seen a fair share of LOUD ASMR videos that were really good) to construct the faintest and loosest of musical ideas. Lowercase experimentalism taken to its logical conclusion in the same way The Gerogerigegege took punk rock to its logical conclusion with works like ‘Yellow Trash Bazooka’, ‘Tokyo Anal Dynamite’ and ‘Instruments Disorder’ (I have found an excuse to recommend Gero albums… go check them out. Probably not your thing but they are at least worth knowing about).

Anyways, this video is fantastic as always. Gibi has great control over her voice and uses it to craft one of the most enjoyable “mouth sounds” ASMR videos I have ever listened to (and I have been listening to a decent amount of them lately). I’m still just waiting for a Gibi ASMR role-play video where she role-plays as someone I actually give a shit about (do Cortana from Halo).

8/10 – Great

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