Chernobyl (Mini-series) Review

Sometimes, a new entertainment release receives so much significant positive/negative reception that it becomes impossible to ignore. I watched ‘Russian Doll’ season 1 because IGN’s 10/10 stayed on my mind for so long (despite IGN giving out literally HUNDREDS of 10’s), I felt like I finally needed to just cave in and watch it (and I loved it!).

With ‘Chernobyl’, it was impossible to ignore the attention it received due to becoming the new #1 TV show on IMDb. Yes, ‘Chernobyl’ is currently the #1 rated TV show of ALL-TIME according to IMDb. Going into ‘Chernobyl’, my expectations weren’t very high. I have always had a strong distaste for IMDb’s charts since they are so far away from my own opinions (RateYourMusic’s charts are very much in line with my own opinions, for the most part).

Anyways, I found the show quite dull and boring. I know that ‘Chernobyl’ is based on true events but it was too slow and it felt like there were several points where nothing interesting or important was happening. And this is coming from someone who is in love with the films of Bela Tarr and Andrei Tarkovsky (the cinematography and themes sometimes reminded me heavily of ‘Stalker’). This show should have been a 2 or 2.5 hour long movie, not a 5.5 hour mini-series.

My favourite part of the entire series was the ending sequence which showed real photos and videos related to Chernobyl. The fates of many people involved and affected were detailed in this sequence and it is all done to beautiful music. A great way to go out for a fairly lousy show.

4/10 – Deficient

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