Bold, Refreshing, Brisk – YEP. Review

Holy shit… what a throwback to my elementary school and high school days. I remember seeing Brisk puppet commercials like these ALL the time back then and I completely forgot about them until I saw this commercial.

When it comes to Brisk, I have always hated their drinks and loved their commercials. Their puppet commercials have always known exactly what they needed to be and I hate iced tea (it seems to be a drink of obsession among zoomers).

Not only is this commercial SUPER nostalgic for me but it is also so focused and full of punch. Brisk’s “YEP” is basically their equivalent of Nike’s “Just do it” except more chill. Which is what this entire commercial’s atmosphere is compromised of: never-ending chill. Magical firefighter poles? Yep. We now exist in a video game world and we are fine with it? Yep. Now we are Brisk puppets? Yep. And we are about to get beamed up by goddamn aliens? Oh, hell yeah.

Who cares. Drink a Brisk and chill. Say “YEP” to life.

Probably one of my favourite non-trailer commercial since that Doritos Time Machine commercial that came out several years ago (I still laugh every time I see it).

7/10 – Good

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