Disney’s Mulan – Official Teaser Review

‘Mulan’ is one of my favourite Disney movies and the next one in line for Disney’s current “making our old animated movies into live action movies” business plan (apparently there is a Lady and the Tramp live action movie but I didn’t hear about that until I just looked it up? kind of weird).

It looks pretty good but nowhere near as good as ‘The Lion King’ has been looking. Also, if this didn’t have the ‘Mulan’ name attached to it, I probably would have never guessed it was ‘Mulan’. Sure, I could have drawn upon some similarities but this seems vastly different than the animated version. No Mushu or Shang in sight. Looks more like a Chinese dynasty story than a remake of the animated movie.

Despite not having everything I hoped for (based on the teaser alone), this still looks pretty decent.

6/10 – Decent

2 thoughts on “Disney’s Mulan – Official Teaser Review

    1. I enjoyed Cinderella and Aladdin but I haven’t seen any of the other recent remakes. But yeah, a bit of iffy-ness. Mushu was my favourite character in the animated film so if they leave him out, I will be sad 😦


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