ANIMA by Thom Yorke Review

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Basically what you would expect from a modern Thom Yorke album. Ambient glitch pop with some IDM thrown in, ‘ANIMA’ is a logical successor to ‘Kid A’ and on Radiohead as well as Thom’s solo career. However, I found this one a bit bland in comparison. It feels like the songs are drifting out on the ocean as the waves crash against their sides and there is a seemingly endless depth beneath them waiting to pull them under. But it never really happens because the waves are only big enough to crash lightly into the side of the songs instead of shattering them with a metric ton of force.

In other words, the songs don’t really go anywhere as they are lightly pushed and shoved along by the faintest musical ideas. With each successive listen, more and more made its way into my mind but never in a way where it felt more satisfying upon each listen. Rather it was done in a way where the songs became predictable and not very fun to listen to. Despite these issues, it is difficult to call the songs bad because none of them are poorly written or played. All in all, the mechanical and ominous sound of the album are more than enough to counteract all of the album’s shortcomings.

6/10 – Decent

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