Bandana by Freddie Gibbs & Madlib Review

The latest release from the Freddie & Madlib collaboration, ‘Bandana’ is an album entirely produced on an iPad. That’s right, all of the instrumentals were created by Madlib on his iPad which is impressive considering how well they all turned out. Not like I ever doubted Madlib’s abilities as a producer. Basically a straight-up gangster rap album, ‘Bandana’ has a handful of great songs: “Crime Pays”, “Palmolive”, and “Education”. The rest ranges from good (“Fake Names”, “Flat Tummy Tea”, “Cataracts”) to deficient (“Freestyle Shit”, “Gat Damn”). For the majority of the album, Freddie goes on about drugs and crime as Madlib’s lush and warm instrumentals pop off in the background. Certainly not Madlib’s best work but he makes it work really well with Freddie.

6/10 – Decent

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