Whispered Relaxing ASMR Haircut by Gibi ASMR Review

This review is for the Spotify version of the release, not the associated YouTube video.

I still haven’t figured out how I want to review ASMR. In my first ASMR review, I took the opportunity to discuss the reasons why I decided to start reviewing ASMR as well as shouting out all of the ASMRtists I have watched videos of. I also got to talk about my general love for Gibi’s content. In both my first and second Gibi reviews, I talked quite extensively about my interpretation of ASMR as a form of lowercase experimental music and how it takes certain musical ideas to their extreme. Still, ASMR is hard to classify as music so I can’t appropriately review it as such since a lot of the language I use in my music reviews aren’t really applicable here.

But now that I have already covered these topics and ideas in my previous reviews, I can’t really re-tread the same stuff over and over every time I review ASMR (although that is basically what I just did for this review).

Anyways, I am too tired to figure any of that out right now so I’m just going to say this was great. I used it a few nights in a row to help get to sleep and it worked pretty great. Maybe next time I write a Gibi review, I will figure out the best way to review ASMR or at least make some progress towards understanding how to review ASMR.

8/10 – Great

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