ASMR Brain Melting 3Dio Tingles by ASMR Glow Review

Ahhh, the 3Dio. The go-to binaural microphones for ASMRtists. It really is a great fit for ASMR soundscapes which tend to rely on minimal sounds to achieve their intended result. The way that the 3Dio naturally lends itself to directional audio means the ASMRtist can easily control whether the person is being stimulated from the left, right, both or even neither.

If you look at my ASMR reviews up until this point, it has entirely been Gibi ASMR (she is still my absolute favourite). But ASMR Glow is an ASMRtist that I have put on dozens of times before although my enjoyment of her content has been more sporadic than with Gibi. Also, it is worth noting that I listen to ASMR through Spotify so this review is for the audio only.

ASMR Glow makes great use of the 3Dio with this work. There are longer periods of time when there is a complete focus on either the left or right ear. It’s an interesting idea that made me wonder how it could be used in a more musically-oriented recording. It isn’t too often that a song will drop out of one ear completely but I have heard it before (I actually think I might have done this on my new album but I forget).

Glow covers sponge sounds, ear picking, ear massaging (with oil), tapping, and fluffy earmuffs. This makes for decent variety in the sounds but sometimes the sounds are too sporadic or minimal. For those that appreciate their ASMR at a slower pace, I think this video does quite well although I have heard slower ASMR that makes better use of its time.

Still, a good ASMR work by one of the best working ASMRtists.

7/10 – Good

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