Twin Ear Cleaning ASMR by ASMR Glow Review

Image result for ASMR Twin Ear Cleaning glow

Another ASMR work, another work that uses 3Dio. At this point ASMR and 3Dio go together like peanut butter and hula hoops – perfectly. I am always fascinated with twin ear cleaning ASMR works because the videos tend to be the same person twice. I didn’t even know it was the case here until I found the above image to use for the review. But it makes sense because it definitely sounds like there is a lot of attention on each ear. It doesn’t sound entirely random and each ear has its own distinct thing happening which would have made it very hard for Glow to do in a single session.

I love the way that two ears interact with one another throughout the cleaning. It’s like a polyphony of brushing, massaging and tapping where things sometimes sort of line-up but most of the time they are completely independent. It’s like Ornette Coleman recorded with a 3Dio but everyone forgot to bring their instruments to the recording studio. Overall, Glow put together an enjoyable and relaxing ASMR work that works to relax but can also stimulate as the sounds become rhythmic and hypnotizing.

7/10 – Good

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