Catherine: Full Body (Art Book) Review

*This review is for the art book that comes with the Catherine: Full Body Hearts Desire Premium Edition*

Shigenori Soejima is a hell of an artist. Mostly known for his work on the ‘Persona’ series by Atlus, ‘Catherine’ is one of the few games in the last 20+ years that Soejima has worked on that is non-‘Persona’ related. Soejima absolutely killed it with ‘Catherine’ as he does with the ‘Persona’ series.

This art book shows some early concept art for all of the important characters (including the new character Rin). However, each character only really gets a few pages with the lesser characters getting only a single page or a portion of a page. After these brief character concept pieces, there is a little section dedicated to Soejima’s translated commentary. He discusses returning to ‘Catherine’ for this remake, his design of the main characters, the new cutscenes, supporting characters, and some of the themes of the game. Finally, there is a gallery of new ‘Full Body’ art.

The art book is less than 50 pages long and is fairly surface level in how much it chooses to show. It came with the Premium Edition of the game so I wasn’t expecting a full on art book with tons of stuff in it. However, I still would have liked to see a bit more. Nonetheless, the artwork in here is fantastic and reading Soejima’s commentary is always a treat. Definitely worth a look if you love ‘Catherine’ as much as I do.

7/10 – Good

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