Singing Bowls by Ruby True ASMR Review

*This is for the Spotify release named “Singing Bowls”*

I first learned of Ruby True when she did the ‘Darksiders III ASMR’ series for the official Darksiders YouTube page. In those videos she cosplayed as the character Fury and used various props such as a book and fire to make the sounds. Those are still some of my favourite ASMR videos of all-time both in terms of visuals as well as audio.

Recently, I learned about singing bowls and decided that I wanted my own set (which I will get eventually). Once I learned about them, I began looking through YouTube for more singing bowl videos and reading about singing bowl history on various web-pages. Singing bowls can be calming/relaxing in a very ASMR way but they also remind me a lot of drone music (which I sometimes love).

When I found a Ruby True + singing bowls album on Spotify, I was pretty excited. The result? It’s good but not as great as I was hoping for. The audio is lacking a certain punch that I found in other singing bowl videos. From what I can tell, it is very difficult to capture the full sound of singing bowls properly as most videos struggle to maintain the real-world “magic” sound of the singing bowls. Also, the frequency of hits as well as the frequency of the alternating between hits and drones wasn’t quite what I wanted. I prefer how both ‘templesounds’ and ‘WhispersRed ASMR’ craft their soundscapes (their videos can be found on YouTube).

Overall, this is a good ASMR album from Ruby True though ‘Darksiders III ASMR’ remains her best work (out of the works I have experienced) and despite the fact that there are others out there who use singing bowls more effectively.

7/10 – Good

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