Overly Explained Tasks & Repeated Words by Gibi ASMR Review

One of the most hypnotic ASMR’s I have ever listened to. I think that ASMR’s downfall sometimes is that it becomes too abstracted and overly characterized. With this particular release, the abstractions are disposed of in place of an intense focus on extremely simple tasks. These “simple tasks” are things like putting something inside of a box which Gibi uses to overly explain instructions to complete these tasks (e.g. to put something inside a box, you need a box and you need something to put inside the box; to put something inside a box, you have to take off the box’s lid because you can’t put something inside of the box if the box has a lid on).

By focusing on simple concepts and repeating instructions with minimal variance, Gibi’s commands become hypnotic (I don’t know much about hypnosis but this seems to actually have elements of hypnosis to it, such as the heavy use of repetition). We begin to create mental images of ourselves performing these tasks and we can do this in a mental space that feels free and open. We are using very little brain power to register the commands since the commands lack any sign of complexity. As the listeners, we are not asked to process large amounts of information to solve problems but only to use the information to mentally perform the simple tasks that are being described. And we can do this in a state of hypnosis.

This is easily the best ASMR I have ever experienced and it reminds me of why I became interested in ASMR in the first place: the mental effect that it can have. Listening to this helped me to conceptualize the musical concepts I have had floating around in my brain for awhile and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was extremely influential in how I approach the writing of my next album. Great stuff.

8/10 – Great

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