Cyber City Review

Very choppy, long pauses on black screens, entirely lacking in game/ video/ audio/ control options, none of the “features” seem to work properly, voice actors and dialogue are recycled (including a woman’s voice clearly being used for a couple of male characters), the player clips through almost everything, the shooting mini-game is horrendous, betting robot fights wasn’t working but I still lost all of my money the moment I exited the place (I still don’t understand why this happened), no pause menu whatsoever, no sense of progression, no real goals…

But honestly, I kind of liked the look and feel of the city (or at least I liked the very few parts of the city that were at least mildly fleshed out). If this was a million times less buggy, had some work done on its video/audio, and had the majority of its gameplay removed, this would be a pretty interesting interactive hub. Far from the worst thing I have experienced this year but it is pretty awful. At least its extremely short (in the sense that you play it for 20 minutes and you have basically experienced everything it has to offer).

2/10 – Terrible

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