Bottom 5 Art and Entertainment Releases of 2019

The year of 2019 is over and it is finally time to kick off my end of the year lists.

This list represents all that was bad in 2019. Whether it was a lazy cash-in or a poorly handled product, I believe that the following 5 releases deserve to be denounced.

These are the 3 questions I asked myself when I made my picks:

  • What review score did it receive?

I have a review scale for a reason. If one release gets a 2/10 and another release gets a 1/10, I likely preferred the release that got a 2/10.

  • What type of art/entertainment release was it?

If a movie trailer got a 1/10 and a musical album got a 1/10, the album will have a much greater chance of being chosen since it is more artistically significant. I’m sure you could guess what I would pick between a movie poster and a 15 hour long video game.

  • How substantial was the release?

Continuing on from the previous answer, this also affected how I viewed the release’s artistic significance. However, it is slightly deeper and more complex than merely answering what TYPE of release it was. Answering this question meant I had to take into account how MUCH the release had to offer (which is unrelated to the AMOUNT of content). For example, a 30 minute musical album packed full of interesting ideas has more artistic significance than a 60 minute musical album which is vacant of interesting ideas.

So without further ado, let’s kick this list off…


Can’t Say I Ain’t Country by Florida Georgia Line

Image result for florida georgia line

Completely awful country album with a semi-redeemable opening skit. Uninspired, poorly written and annoying, ‘Can’t Say I Ain’t Country’ is wholly unworthy of being listened to. Also, I heard Tyler got a Tesla. This fact is concerning.

Link to the review:


Who Do You Trust? by Papa Roach

Last year’s “We Appreciate Power” by Grimes is a notably awesome song with heavy nu-metal influences channeled surprisingly well through Grimes’ pop sensibilities. It seems as if the edgy nu-metal style wasn’t absolutely un-redeemable after all… however, this album will make you think otherwise. From the awful instrumentals to the inept lyricism, Papa Roach fails miserably in every regard. Maybe acceptable from a high school punk band but even then it would be embarrassing.

Link to the review:


Hellboy (2019)

When I wrote the original review for this film (about 8 hours after I had seen it in theaters), I found it incredibly difficult to remember exactly what happened. All I knew was that it was unbearably atrocious. That was almost 9 months ago. Obviously, I remember even less about it now than I did back then. This is 2019’s ‘Deadpool 2’ – a horrendous, unfunny, forgettable film that is equally offensive in both form and content.

Link to the review:


The Twilight Zone (2019)

Not just one of the worst television shows of the year but possibly one of the worst seasons of television ever made. The original ‘Twilight Zone’ was thoughtful, engaging, emotional and remarkably human. In comparison, the new season is brainless, misanthropic and ridiculous. At its absolute best, this was inoffensive yet unremarkable. At worst, it contained some of the worst television episodes I have ever seen. I have never been a fan of anthology series and this may be the best argument against them. A complete and utterly stupid mess.

Link to the reviews:

( I reviewed each episode individually so this search should bring up all 10 reviews for the individual episodes)


Days Gone

Red Dead Redemption + The Last of Us + Ride to Hell: Retribution = Days Gone.

In other words, complete and utter trash. It is a failed open-world game with an awful story, atrocious characters, horribly buggy and broken gameplay, glitches aplenty, overly long loading screens and much, much more.

At the end of my original review, I compared ‘Days Gone’ unfavourably to ‘Ride to Hell: Retribution’. Seriously, if you had to play one of those two games, I would recommend the latter because at least it makes for an interesting case study.

‘Days Gone’ is one of the worst games I have ever played and I hope to god that a sequel doesn’t get made because there has never been a game more undeserving of it.

Link to the review:

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