Player Reactions: True Sight 2019 Grand Finals Review

Unlike last year’s video for the player reactions to ‘True Sight 2018’ which solely featured OG, this year’s True Sight has the benefit of having both grand finalists reacting in the same room together. This is largely due to the fact that the other grand finalists last year were a Chinese team (and so the language barrier would have made it virtually impossible to work out in the end). This time, we get 2 European teams who speak very good English and who are very good friends with one another. The result is something much more insightful and entertaining (although Ana still doesn’t show up to these things).

Still, it is crazy watching 8 TI winners all watch and discuss ‘Dota 2’ together, especially their own games. Even moments such as KuroKy saying they should have picked Gyro instead of Juggernaut the one game shows just how much these guys love ‘Dota’ by discussing strategies for a game they played over 5 months ago. Jokes are said, discussions are had, memes are made, Jerax and Ceb take turns going to the washroom, and N0tail is a single-tear-drop kind of guy.

Watch ‘True Sight 2019’ and then watch this right after for an ideal experience (and watch the QA from the ‘True Sight 2019’ premiere as well as the OG Night stream from a few days ago). Great teams, great players, great documentary, great reactions. As an outsider to the professional ‘Dota 2’ scene, we don’t get to see stuff like this very often. Just a great idea and executed very well.

8/10 – Great

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