Croissanthemuffin @ Brampton, ON – Ellen’s Bar and Grill (Feb. 29th, 2020) Review

Food Prog legends Croissanthemuffin took the stage at Ellen’s Bar and Grill recently and showed everyone how it should be done: Never, never, NEVER… perform a live show without at least offering up a shout-out to Keen’s Mustard. Preferably, you dedicate an entire song to glorious Keen’s. You also need to cover a song that was already played by another band earlier in the same night. For real though boys, it was an amazing show. While anyone can enjoy what is going on musically, musicians have the upper hand because Croissanthemuffin is music for musicians (my girlfriend enjoyed the show but noted that she had to pay deep attention to what was going on because she isn’t a musician and there was a lot going on).


…I think I have accidentally enrolled myself in the cult of Food Prog.

8/10 – Great

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