Jay and Silent Bob Reboot Review

Honestly, what else could you want from this movie? It was pretty much everything it needed to be and no one was really expecting a Strike Back 2.0. I knew it wasn’t going to be as good and I knew it would re-tread a lot of the same grounds as Smith’s previous films in the universe. But you know what? Who fucking cares. Smith has already made his classics. The self-referential, inside joke humour of this film is totally fine and it works nearly 20 years later because it chooses to re-tread common ground. It chooses to date itself because that is the entire point of the story. Jay is a fucking dad now (Kevin and Jason are both real-world dads, and both of their kids show up in this film) and this entire film is about being the stage for your child so they can put on their own performances.

While some jokes fall flat and some of the direction is questionable, this film whole-heartedly beliefs in its silly little self. It was made by someone who cares passionately about these goofball characters. Even the whole meta-humour thing where its a reboot making fun of reboots and with the informational intersections between reality/fiction work in the films favour. Its indulgent but not annoyingly so. Overall, this film serves as a great closure to the View Askewniverse, even if more films end up being made.

8/10 – Great

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