Helltaker Review

Pretty challenging game for the most part as it demands perfection from the very first level. I had to look up guides for a couple of the levels because I was 1 space away from beating the level before dying. The story is simple and fortunately doesn’t get in the way much. Unfortunately, the final “boss” is one of the worst “bosses”/levels I have played in a game in a long time. Terrible boss mechanics that are poorly explained and the game doesn’t do a good job of telling you where your health bar is. After dying a few times before figuring out how the “boss” level actually worked (in other words, after learning how fucking dumb and poorly thought out it was), it got really easy. I stood in a corner and avoided every set of chains with 1 or 2 quick movements but the battle dragged on and on and on. Just awful and incredibly boring once you figure out the repeating patterns.

Overall, ‘Helltaker’ has a cool art-style + concept and a couple of interesting levels. However, it suffers near the end with its awful boss battle. I think it all balances itself out.

5/10 – Mediocre

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