Tenet – New Trailer Review

I watched the ‘Tenet’ prologue earlier this year when I went to go see a 70mm IMAX screening of ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’. In my review for the prologue, I described it as “confusing and disorienting in all of the worst ways” with “poor cinematography” and “mindless action sequencing”. In short, the prologue was absolutely awful.

This trailer is truly made in Nolan fashion as a lot of time is spent on boring, overly long exposition used to explain the film’s inane concepts. Concepts that do nothing to spark any sort of thoughtful interaction with the material at hand. With all of Nolan’s films, it feels like he is swinging his arms around wildly as he tries to grab any semblance of a good idea out of thin air… but all he manages to grab is empty air. You zoom out and realize Nolan is just thrashing his own room with his flailing arms, as he tears down his own curtains and breaks his lamp and makes a mess of everything around him. He sweeps his big mess into a neat little pile in the middle of the room and points at it like its something to be proud of. But it’s not Michelangelo’s ‘David’… its just a pile with no real shape or form.

Basically, his films lack any sort of real clarity or distinctive purpose. But he piles on all of this dialogue and action in an attempt to make it seem bigger, better, and smarter than it really is. This trailer is more of the same from Nolan: ugly, pointless, boring, and (worst of all) frustrating. I try not to expect the worst from movies based on their trailers and their director’s histories. There have been great trailers for bad movies as there have been bad trailers for great movies. There have been directors that have taken awhile to find their footing. Directors that start making good movies several years into their career. But it has been over 20 years and I feel like Nolan has become set in his ways. I’ll try to enjoy this when I see it in theaters but its hard not to have incredibly low expectations. Every new trailer, every new preview, every new poster makes me more frustrated than I was before.

Absolutely awful.

2/10 – Terrible

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