Crucible Review

Unfinished, unbalanced, unpolished, unremarkable, and uninteresting in just about every imaginable way. The game does a horrendous job at giving you any sort of important information both in terms of explaining the fundamentals as well as giving in-depth information on what is actually happening. The visual and audio cues are absolutely terrible and do little to communicate anything of substance to the player. The animations are rough, the movements feel jittery, there is an awful matchmaking system, the weapons are unsatisfying (as are the characters), there is a distinct lack of options for team communication, there is no mini-map and the map you are able to bring up sucks… I could go on but I won’t. This game needs multiple years of work put into it until it is in an acceptable state and much, much more work to become something truly great.

Embarrassingly bad in the state that its in but there is an idea there. It just needs to be worked out.

2/10 – Terrible

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