From The Sky by Protest The Hero (Music Video) Review

I see this as a massive improvement over “The Canary” in every imaginable way (as far as the music itself is concerned). The lyrics are a bit more abstract and conceptual (although they are still pretty direct) with a bit more room for multiple meanings via extrapolation. The Hindenburg is merely an example of the point that Rody is trying to make in this song rather than being the point of the song. Instrumentally, the song is far more fleshed out than “The Canary” which shouldn’t be surprising given the additional 1.5 minutes that this song has to work with. The ending is very enjoyable and pays off quite well. As for the video portion, it is much like “The Canary” in that it is a series of overlapping paintings and live-action footage. More of a visual companion than a real music video, but certainly passable.

Overall, a big step up over “The Canary” as “From The Sky” improves both sonically and lyrically on the former. Almost great but not quite. Still very good.

7/10 – Good

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