The Canary by Protest The Hero (Music Video) Review

God, Rody’s lyrics are so much worse than Arif’s were (in my opinion). Rody’s lyrics are too upfront and lack the poetry that Arif’s lyrics had. Arif had a knack for filling his lyrics to the brim with abstractions and depth of meaning while maintaining a certain level of bad-assery.

As for the instrumentation, I never got into anything past ‘Scurrilous’ (I tried, but nothing gripped me) but this reminds me a lot of the ‘Kezia’ days (minus a lot of the attitude). It even has a little bit of ‘Fortress’ vibes as it favours that cleaner playing and production compared to ‘Kezia’. I’ve listened to the song a couple times and I don’t think its anything special in the context of their catalogue.

As for the video, its mostly compromised of overlapping paintings and live-action footage. Less of a music video and more of a visual companion to the music, if that makes sense. I bet its loaded with symbolism but I don’t care to unpack any of it because, frankly, I don’t care. In terms of pure visual appeal, its certainly passable.

Overall, it’s sort of hard to rate something like this. It’s hard to know how I would feel about this if I didn’t have albums like ‘Kezia’ and ‘Fortress’ as a reference point. But it’s impossible not to compare. The music video is fine but nothing remarkable.

6/10 – Decent

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