Dream Away (Sleepy Asmr Songs) by WhispersRed ASMR Re-Review


This is a re-review since I have already reviewed this album before. However, that was almost 4 weeks ago and my opinions have slightly changed, hence my first ever re-review.


Here is the link to the original review:



As noted in the original review, ASMR has inherent musical properties to it in its organization of sound in terms of both form and content. With ‘Dreams Away’, WhispersRed manages to pull together ASMR and music in a refreshing and forward-thinking way. The songs are intentionally bare-bones with long pauses between piano notes or vocals in order to give the ASMR content room to build an atmosphere. The way that she writes her songs allows room for the ASMR qualities to shine through without being obtrusive while maintaining a musically valid structure.

In my original review, I discussed the musical and instrumental properties of the album in a decent amount of detail. That being said, I failed to mention the lyrics which are not only extremely suitable to the compositions, but extremely important when it comes to how this album builds and sustains its atmosphere over the course of its run-time. WhispersRed focuses her lyrical attention on the small beauties that are present in our lives with a sense of child-like wonder and bedazzlement. Whether she is singing about the pretty stars that are above us, the beautiful eyes in front of us, or the calming waterfall, WhispersRed manages to achieve something that is child-like while avoiding being childish. Together with the album’s chill instrumentation, WhispersRed achieves something greater than the sum of its parts.

Another property of the album that I overlooked in my first review is the cohesiveness and wholesome nature of the album. Oddly enough, I am reminded of Burzum’s first few albums in which Varg wrote and ordered songs in such a way that you could listen to the album while falling asleep and it would transport you to another world. WhispersRed achieves the same feat with this album. There are a handful of points on this album where the instrumentation is either completely non-existent or thrown far into the background in order for the ASMR sections to be given full rein in commanding the listener’s journey to another world. Listen to the song “While You Can” and these points become immediately obvious. Sure, there is a piano section that plays over the first couple of minutes of the song but the various ASMR sounds take the fore-front before fading away and giving room to the vocals.

Lastly, I want to give my praises to WhispersRed for her vocal performances on this album. The vocals are written so that they never clash with the ASMR elements or the standard instrumentation which is definitely important on an album that prioritizes atmosphere above all else. On top of that, she manages to find several gorgeous vocal melodies that work perfectly for their respective songs. Honestly, this album easily has my favourite vocal performances of the year.

Over the past 4 weeks, I have listened to this album dozens of more times since the original review and my respect for it just keeps going up and up. Phenomenal ASMRtistry and possibly my AOTY (although I am still going to categorize this as ASMR).

9/10 – Amazing

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