Dwarf Fortress Creator Explains its Complexity & Origins | Noclip Interview Review

The cold open in this video features Tarn Adams describing my favourite ‘Dwarf Fortress’ bug ever in which cats were wandering into taverns that had beer on the floor and licking their paws which would cause them to ingest the alcohol. This resulted in cats dying in taverns due to alcohol poisoning. This is not the result of some scripted event in-game but rather a crossing of several different systems within the game.

The rest of the interview features Tarn describing the history of ‘Dwarf Fortress’ as well as the origins of Bay 12 Games. Incredibly insightful and enjoyable, it is always a pleasure to hear Tarn Adams speak about his game. As for the documentary-like aspects of the video, it is well-shot and well-recorded. There are edits of Kruggsmash videos inserted between some of the questions and answers which contribute and expand on what is being said by Tarn.

Overall, just a great video and worth watching for anyone who has never heard of ‘Dwarf Fortress’ or anyone that has a slight interest in ‘Dwarf Fortress’. I am anxiously awaiting the Steam release so I can finally try to do a deep dive of this brilliant and iconic game.

8/10 – Great

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