Eric Andre: Legalize Everything Review

I was a little worried that Eric’s style wouldn’t translate well between television and stand-up. While the unhinged nature of the show is largely abandoned (with a few exceptions), Eric does a fantastic job at maintaining a high energy and playing off of the audience. I’m usually not a fan of yelling as comedy but Eric clearly understands the difference between yelling as the joke and yelling as a supplement to the joke, utilizing both at different times to good effect.

I can see this being extremely divisive: Eric fans that hate it, Eric fans that love it, non-fans that hate it, non-fans that love it. Eric is an entirely different beast when he is doing his live-shows as exemplified by this special. Whether or not its for you, its hard to make that judgment. All I know is that I enjoyed this special immensely despite a couple of the jokes not really landing for me. Great stuff overall.

8/10 – Great

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