Alien TV (Season 1) Review

Takes the idea “What would aliens think of us if they came to Earth?” literally. Over 39 segments, Ixbee, Pixbee and Squee partake in various human activities such as doing gymnastics, going to the arcade, and playing hockey to win a trophy. While the series is mostly a set-up for decent visual comedy, it is a surprisingly layered epistemological and ontological analysis of humans and human activities.

The function of a thing can be defined initially through the intended purpose behind its creation. Every segment seemingly ends with what seems like an incorrect interpretation of the thing’s purpose. I think that this would be the incorrect lens to view this with. Rather than being an incorrect interpretation of the thing’s purpose, it is a re-interpretation of the thing’s purpose through the re-definition of its function. Purpose precedes and informs function thus overriding the thing’s purpose resulting in a change in its function. Thus the function of things is established as being dependent on those whose function it is to define things – in this case, humans and aliens. Knowledge of this dependency is not required in order to create purpose for a thing – the function transfers to the purpose and vice-versa.

‘Alien TV’ combines interesting thought-experimentation with genuinely well-done visual comedy. Sometimes the show can drag due to segments that are similar to other segments, or due to some segments being slightly more boring than others. All in all, ‘Alien TV’ is a remarkably enjoyable and thought-provoking show.

8/10 – Great

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