The Last of Us Part 2 Review by Matthewmatosis Review

Watched this after NakeyJakey’s video essay about Naughty Dog’s outdated game design. Matthewmatosis offers a slightly more nuanced and detailed examination while lacking the visual style and humour of NakeyJakey. This is less of a criticism and more of an observation of style and a recognition of a difference in approach when it comes to substance. That is not to say that NakeyJakey is not smart or that Matthewmatosis is not funny but rather it is to say that both have vastly different approaches that materialize differently.

Matthewmatosis’s review and NakeyJakey’s essay overlap when it comes to many points regarding Naughty Dog’s approach to narrative and game design. Matthewmatosis’s review focuses on many parts of the game that NakeyJakey did not even mention, revealing a vast difference in playing experience between the two. Matthewmatosis, like NakeyJakey, is extremely competent in the creation of his arguments, backing them up with enough thought and insight that we have no choice but to take the arguments in for our own interpretation, adjusting our own ideas against us.

While the video’s aesthetic and structure are suitable to Matthewmatosis, I can’t help but feel that NakeyJakey’s approach is more engaging and entertaining. I am not suggesting that Matthewmatosis should try to replicate NakeyJakey’s unique style but I think that he should aim to make adjustments in order to create something that is ultimately more engaging and entertaining. All of that being said, Matthewmatosis’s insightful and critical commentary is informative, useful, and interesting (presentation aside).

8/10 – Great

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