The Henry Stickmin Collection Review

All of the previous games remastered with a brand new game to cap it all off. ‘Henry Stickmin’ is a point-and-click, choose-your-own-path game series that focuses on choices and consequences. It may be a little inaccurate to describe it as a “choose-your-own-path game series” since most choices consist of 3 fail states and 1 pass state (that being said, there are sometimes branching paths). But failing has never been more fun than in ‘The Henry Stickmin Collection’.

What makes ‘The Henry Stickmin Collection’ such a blast to play through isn’t a top tier combat system, a strong cinematic experience, AAA production values, dozens of hours of content, or an extensive number of game modes including various forms of multiplayer and co-op. In fact, ‘Henry Stickmin’ has none of these things. But ‘Henry Stickmin’ does have all of the heart in the world. It has hilarious fail states (the game makes great use of the “fail state” concept – I always wanted to fail in every possible way before succeeding), funny yet charming characters that you end up caring for… a lot (Charles and Ellie are the greatest), and an absurd amount of creativity and passion.

‘The Henry Stickmin Collection’ is a love letter to video games and entertainment culture because it genuinely cares about FUN! We don’t always need media to be challenging or philosophical or political… sometimes, it can be an escape from all of that. For a little while, the world around you can disappear in favour of the world on your screen – a world that is an absolute pleasure and joy to be inside of. Games don’t have to be these big things with hundreds of features, costing $100 before you even buy an $80 season pass. They can just be ‘Henry Stickmin’… because it isn’t always about AAA quality or “1 million side missions on your mini-map” quantity. It’s about heart and passion… and ‘Henry Stickmin’ has those in spades.

9/10 – Amazing

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